One Door Opens; Many More Close (Downton Abbey 6×06)

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The doors have opened at Downton and everyone seems to be moving on. It of course makes sense that this season would be heavily focused on all of the characters we know and love finding their place in the world. The place beyond Downton. Many shows do not have the courtesy of informing the audience about what exactly happens to the characters after the fact and though it’s not necessary; it is appreciated. Downton Abbey has been laying down little seeds of these characters moving on for seasons now and it seems that it might all come to fruition.

One of the last scenes of this episode where the Crawley family sits around and talks about the future of Downton really felt like a series finale scene. Everyone is looking forward to the changes of Downton….some people are excited for change (namely Tom) and some people are not too thrilled with the thought (ahem…..Mary). But I must say if anyone is going to keep Downton afloat….it will be Lady Mary Crawley.


Marriage Problems: Even the Cutest Couple in the World Has Them

Don’t kill me for saying Carson and Hughes are the cutest couple. I know the Anna and Bates fans might have my head for saying that. But to me; it’s so funny to watch the couple we’ve all been waiting so long to shack up have so many little tiffs in their relationship. I guess I never really thought about how difficult of a man Carson would be if you married him. The man does not like change. I know this marriage is taking place in a very different time but if Lady Mary can be a strong business woman and Lady Edith can run an all-female employed newspaper; then Mrs. Hughes can knock Mr. Carson upside the head any time he says something insanely rude. Don’t you think?


Mrs. Patmore and Mr. Mason Sitting in a Tree

I don’t know what on earth is happening but I am so excited nonetheless. Mrs. Patmore is quite possibly one of the best characters to ever grace Downton Abbey with her presence and she deserves the best. She is already opening up her new place of business and if love is right around the corner for her than Daisy…..get out of the damn way!

I try almost every year to like Daisy….and she really does have her moments but every single year she still does something that makes me want to bang her head against the wall. Let Mrs. Patmore have a little love in her life. The woman has earned it. And even if nothing happens between her and Mr. Mason; let her enjoy finally being courted by someone. Even in the first episode of this season; she mentions to Mrs. Hughes that she will never get a man to be drawn to her at her age. I cannot contain my happiness if Mrs. Patmore were to finally get some joy in her life of her very own. Not to mention that she is the closest thing Daisy has to a mother and Mr. Mason is the closest thing Daisy has to a father. Doesn’t it all just make sense? Pipe down, Daisy.


Never Count the Dowager Out

Oh my. This all got insanely complicated very quickly. Here’s the thing….it really is about time the Dowager got knocked down a few pegs. Yes, she is pretty much everyone’s favorite character and the fact that she will never give up on her principles is both entertaining and endearing. However; Downton Abbey in the past few seasons has really been a show about change and moving forward. Eventually the one person who refuses to get on board with all of that is going to face serious problems. In this episode; Cora was named President of the hospital and I couldn’t be happier. Cora is literally the glue that holds all of Downton together…..why not the hospital as well? However, Cousin Violet will have plenty to say about that. I don’t entirely know if she will win this battle but I certainly know she won’t go down without a fight….thats for sure.


Is Mary Finally Settling Down?

I don’t entirely know what to think about all of this. Every single guy that has come around since Matthew has been nothing but “bleh” to me. I don’t really mean to use that word but it’s the best one that comes to mind. I have never been particularly fond of watching all of these men battle for Lady Mary’s heart. Though at some point there may have been some great moments regarding this storyline; I just want to see Lady Mary embrace the strong independent woman that she is. She has proven time and time again that she doesn’t need a man. She doesn’t need anyone. Though she does have a big heart (even if she won’t admit it) I would rather her see it given away to someone worthy. I’m not entirely sure that Napier isn’t worthy…..I’m just not convinced yet. This whole storyline seems to be a forced way to have Mary wind up happy and in love by the end of the show’s run. It’s true that I’m possibly judging way beforehand but that’s just what it feels like to me at the moment.


Thomas….Stay Strong

This is horrible. I’ve talked about this so often I’m not really going to repeat myself. All I’m going to say is that everyone needs to give Barrow a break. I swear I’m going to write a post entirely dedicated to all of the good things Barrow has done for everyone at Downton. Sometimes people can’t really scene the pain that is right in front of them. I’m really hoping Baxter and Anna will notice that Barrow is significantly hurting before something very tragic happens. And more importantly; that Bates, Carson and Moseley will keep their two cents to themselves.

I can’t help but be insanely worried that Barrow is on the edge of committing suicide. I really hate to say that but he really doesn’t seem to have anywhere to go. Like I said at the beginning of this post; people are moving on and we are getting glimpses into what they’re moving on to. With Barrow; he is reminded almost every day that he is not wanted at Downton (except maybe by Lady Mary) and he literally has nowhere to go. My heart breaks thinking about how this show is going to end for my favorite character.


Random Thoughts:


  • Bertie is not only super adorable with Edith but he is proving to be quite an amazing addition to the family. Sorry Lady Mary…..Edith is winning this round.
  • One of the things I so desperately want by the end of the show’s run is for the Dowager to really put Lord Merton in his place. I know he never technically did anything horrible to Isobel but he stood there and let it happen. You are not good enough sir….have a nice day.
  • Anna and Bates are continuing to be more and more adorable with each passing episode….are they really going to get their happily ever after?
  • I’m still insanely interested to see who this guy is that Baxter put away. They keep hinting that we’ll meet him but no pay off! Ahhhh!
  • Tom is really in the running for winning the Brother of the Year award. He’s not spilling the beans in regards to Edith and is a full support system for Mary. Can I just say how glad I am that he’s back one more time?
  • It’s great to see Robert finally have some self-control….maybe he will make it out of this season alive.
  • Watching Carson want to beat all of the people coming in to see Downton with a stick literally made the whole episode for me.

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