Mary, Mary So Contrary (Downton Abbey 6×07)

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Is Mary really doomed to be alone? That seemed to be one of the prevalent themes in this latest episode of Downton Abbey. We keep seeing so many characters find happiness and peace but there are a handful that are just having a hard time with it. We only have two episodes left and even though they are longer episodes; there is very little time for Mary to get her shit together. I would probably say this episode contained a whole lot of tragedy. While we are normally focused on the people who are finally having their happily ever after, the spotlight is now put on those characters that may never find it.


Is Mary Cursed?

This is a tough storyline for me to talk about. And that’s mainly because I’m not entirely invested in it. I’ve said this before but I could care less about this driver guy but it seems like the show really wants Mary to have her happily ever after. I just wished her happily ever after wasn’t so drenched with the idea that a guy needs to make her happy. I wished this season was more about Mary finding something that would make her happy outside of being someone’s wife.

But let’s talk about Mary. Throughout the show, she has undoubtedly been one of the more complex characters. I always saw Mary as this woman who was so very determined to prove that she is strong and can stand on her own. She is and she can. But there really is a softer side of Mary. A side that Matthew was able to get to. I would like to make clear that I do not mind the softer side of Mary but I just don’t know how I feel about this particular guy.

Emotions were running very high by the end of the episode. Mary called things off with this guy but Tom seems to think she should still give him a chance. I can’t help but think that Tom is so invested in Mary’s relationship because on some level; it reminds him of the relationship he had with Sybil. Nonetheless; we are now forced to watch another man try so desperately to gain Mary’s heart (I have a feeling this is not over). And I’m just thinking of all the valuable time we’ll be wasting on this in the next few episodes. I really don’t know how much more I can take.


I Have a Bad Feeling

A really, really, really bad feeling. I have a feeling that for the most part; the last two episodes are going to be quite lovely with just a little bit of the heartbreak. I don’t see Downton Abbey ending on a bad note at all. But for Thomas? I’m so fucking nervous. Pardon my language. The past few episodes have slowly but surely been beating us over the head with the fact that Thomas is on the edge. The edge of what? Honestly; I think he’s going to commit suicide. He has nothing to live for! And everyone around him is being an utter asshole even when he’s trying to help.  It would be just like Downton Abbey so have an overall very happy ending with just one scene to devastate us. At the beginning of the season; I was more concerned for Anna and Robert but now that I’m a few more episodes in…..I’m almost positive it’s going to be Thomas.


Lady Edith’s Future Dilemma

Again, we only have two episodes left and while they are both longer episodes; there seems to be a bit to accomplish. One of the bigger things we’re going to see unfold is Lady Edith telling Bertie that Marigold is in fact her daughter. Scratch that; its Lady Edith telling Mary that Marigold is in fact her daughter. By the looks of it, they might finally have a conversation about the whole thing in the next episode. Maybe we’ll finally get a scene where Edith tells Mary off. I do tend to like Mary more than Edith but that scene would be ridiculously long overdue.

As far as Bertie is concerned; I absolutely think he will not have any problem with Marigold actually being Edith’s daughter. Maybe he will feel some way about it at first but he seems so progressive and wonderfully enamored with Edith. I feel like poor Edith will finally be getting her very sweet happy ending at the end of the series.


Random Thoughts:

  • Patmore’s bed and breakfast makes me feel so happy for her. I really do think if someone deserves to be happy by the end of all of this; it’s her.
  • Watching Lady Grantham be the queen boss that she always is when talking to Miss. Cruikshank was so delightful. And heartwarming to see her stand up for her bestie like that.
  • Again, the production value of the whole episode is insanely amazing. Downton Abbey doesn’t ever miss a beat as far as that’s concerned.
  • All I could think of in that scene where Andy tries to read… how much I love Thomas and again, how deeply worried I am about him.
  • Watching Mrs. Hughes trick Mr. Carson into cooking is one of the most delightful scenes I’ve seen in television in a very long time.
  • Puppy! That’s all I’ll say; Puppy!!!!!!



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