#Richonne Just Trumped the Bromance (Walking Dead 6×10)

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Well, this episode was just an hour of good ole fun and happiness. I see what you’re doing writers….just building us up so you can tear us down. The feeling that I get right now is that the writers want to remind us what a wonderful sense of community the group has been able to establish. They want to remind us why we love each and every one of these characters by putting them together. This week was a deep journey into Rick and Daryl friendship and later; #Richonne! It seems like next week; we’re going to get a decent dose of the First Couple of the Zombie Apocalypse (I may be happy for you Richonne but you’ve got to go a long ways to even compare to Glenn and Maggie). This is all a way to get us insanely excited for these characters and build us up to think they are the best team ever…….until they tear it all apart.


Spencer’s Closure

I’m imagining Spencer may play a pretty big role in the TV series. I don’t know that for a fact but if he wasn’t; they wouldn’t have spent so much time on his closure with Deanna in this episode. The would have just had one scene where Michonne talks to him and breaks the news and it’s done. I liked that they played with the concept of being put down by the right person. I can only imagine it will come up more in the future.

The closure was important for Spencer. I also thought it was an interesting storyline for Enid. She seemed heavily disturbed that Carl wanted to keep Deanna alive. Carl seemed pretty calm and collected so why the major freak out? It’s possible that Enid is in this constant struggle between caring about these people and separating herself completely. Come on, Enid. Go be Glenn and Maggie’s surrogate adoptive daughter….Maggie’s practically begging you and seriously in this world? You couldn’t find better parents!


The Power of Jesus

Comic book fans were delighted to see the fan favorite show up in this episode and it was really great on the writers to have him at odds with Rick and Daryl…..especially Daryl. For years; comic book fans have been saying that Daryl and Jesus are basically the same character. And though the two have many similarities; I felt like this episode was a good way to show that they aren’t entirely the same character at all. Daryl is the type of man who grunts and will stomp your head in if you look at him funny. Not to take away from his insane tracking, killing, cross-bowing skills but he’s a little more on the gritty side. Jesus is insanely quick on his feet and his martial arts certainly help him out a bit. The characters are both insane warriors with big hearts but I think that could be said about many of these characters at this point.

The whole sequence between Rick, Daryl and Jesus was just a ton of fun and that’s something we really don’t get to see much of in this show. The whole situation didn’t exactly put Daryl and Rick in the best light when it comes to their skills but their bromance was pretty strong, I must admit. I don’t know why everyone’s happy. We just got a friendly reminder that Daryl is Rick’s most trusted ally and they have a love for each other that can’t be broken. A respect that can survive anything. Do you see where I’m going with this? This is just a nice friendly reminder of how much we love seeing these two together…..and they probably won’t be together anymore. Not for long anyway. I have a feeling the writers are having a bit of fun with all of us. As soon as you think it’s definitely going to be Glenn that gets it; they’ll write an episode to convince you it’s going to be Daryl. I can almost bet Glenn and Maggie might have a big episode next week that will pull on the heart strings…..and soon convince us it will be Glenn again. Sheesh, my heart can’t take this. Why can’t it just be Spencer?

Jesus coming around basically means we’re heading to the Hilltop soon. By the looks of it, Rick is going to send a group to go with Jesus to meet his people…..and then we’ll have a few episodes dedicated to whether or not we trust these new people. The leader isn’t going to do the place any favors. It might get intense. It probably will get intense. But soon we will all realize there is a much bigger threat to worry about. Sound about right?

Now let’s talk about why many fans are starting to get super worried about the fan favorite. Next week, I’m sure I’ll write a similar paragraph about why it will be Glenn. Also, comic spoilers ahead. If you don’t want to know; don’t read. The reason Glenn was chosen in the comics to meet Lucille was because he was overwhelming the fan favorite to most comic books fans. Sound like anyone we know? Daryl is almost everyone’s favorite on the show. That’s one way of looking at it. But now let’s talk about cold hard evidence that Daryl is meeting his end. In the comics; the infamous scene happens because Rick’s group inadvertently steals from Negan’s army and kills some of his people. Is anyone else worried that the truck this whole fun commotion was about was actually Negan’s truck in the first place? There too many hints to think it was just a coincidence. The next piece of evidence; I cannot take credit for. Some fan noticed it and posted it on twitter. Most of us were slightly concerned when Daryl killed a bunch of Negan’s men that it would come back and bite him in the ass. But there was that argument of “How on earth would Negan ever find out? His men all got blown to pieces.” Well guess what? There was a car in background. Yes, it is so quick and small….you need magical zoom in powers to really see it but there is a car in the background with someone that literally watched Daryl blow the shit out of Negan’s group of men. I bet Negan will know it was Daryl. I bet Negan knows exactly who he will want to exact his revenge on. The one thing I will say for huge Daryl fans that may give us all some hope…..if he doesn’t have any scenes or closure with Carol; it seems unlikely that they would kill him. Carol and Daryl are one of the most iconic relationships in the show. They would at least give them an episode or a sub-plot storyline to see these two amazing actors feed off each other one last beautiful time before they end one of their lives. So if that happens…..well I guess we’re all fucked.



Now that I’ve sufficiently depressed all of you; let’s talk about something so happy. It finally happened. Rick and Michonne realized what was in front of them this whole damn time. I must admit…..I didn’t get on board the Michonne train as soon as some fans. But after the episodes in the back half of the fourth season, I was sold. She’s already basically a mom to Carl. And the moments between her and Rick since those episodes have always been so sweet and tender. How on earth did it take them this long to realize it?

I’ve said this many times since the death of Lori. I would never want to see Rick replace Lori. If he’s going to be with anyone; I would love for it to be someone completely different from Lori. Someone that is a warrior right by his side….someone who can leap into action after they bang it out; literally. Rick and Carl are the sole reason Michonne let her guard down and learned to love again. They literally are her family. She just couldn’t see it for any reason. Another reason why these two are so perfect for each other is that fact that they couldn’t see it. They both know what’s important. The mission is what matters. Then keeping everyone alive is the next priority. Then they can think about what they want for themselves. The scene at the end of this episode was so beautiful and it was the first scene that they finally got a moment to themselves. Carl was safe. Judith was safe. Now they can really feel what they want to feel for each other.

I actually don’t believe there relationship will change at all. I think they’ve loved each other for quite some time now. I think they will continue to be amazing partners and continue to kick ass….they might just take a break from time to time for some afternoon delight. I’m just excited to see how Carl is going to react. Congratulations Carl! You got yourself a new mama.


Random Thoughts:

  • I really question Rick’s taste in music. It is quite an accomplishment Daryl didn’t throw himself out of that truck sooner.
  • The beginning shot just hits you right in the feels. Rick is getting ready for his day…..got to make sure you put on the watch Carol gave you. That watch has really been through a lot with Rick.
  • Denise mentioning Tara and Heath going on a run makes me insanely nervous. The more time goes on; the more I believe Tara is expendable. Plus, her death would further Denise’s character development. I’m thinking Tara might be a goner soon. Maybe they’ll come across Negan’s men and this time…..they will kill someone right off the bat.
  • Watching Daryl and Rick in this episode just reminds me how much I love them as a pair and how far they’ve really come. To this day the words “You’re my brother” still ring so very true.
  • That scene between Michonne and Carl was one of the sweetest things in the entire episode. But it did bring up the strange thought that Carl seems mighty trigger happy when it comes to mother figures. I’m just saying.
  • I know this may not have been intentional but I think it’s interesting to think about episode 10 of Season Five was literally the lowest Rick’s group has ever been and episode 10 of Season Six was the highest and happiest Rick’s group has ever been. They’ve come a long way in a year.

One thought on “#Richonne Just Trumped the Bromance (Walking Dead 6×10)

  1. This episode had to be the happiest episode I’ve watched on this show. Ever. I was smiling ear-to-ear the entire time (and your reaction video showed you doing the exact same thing). Like you said, as soon as this episode started and we realized it was a happy episode, I was immediately nervous. I actually thought something terrible was going to happen during or at the end of the episode to really bring us down. It was a pleasant surprise that that didn’t happen. Now the tension and nerves are really starting to mount…#dontdiedaryl :`(

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