Welcome to the Hilltop (Walking Dead 6×11)

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Okay this post will be somewhat different. I’m doing this entire post after seeing the next two episodes of The Walking Dead. I took a little break. I may take another. Life is crazy. I’m actually kind of excited to write a couple of posts with a little bit of perspective. I would love to write some blog posts about some past episodes in previous seasons with all of the knowledge we have about the characters now so this is at least somewhat fulfilling that dream.


Welcome to the Hilltop

The biggest takeaway from this episode for me is that I absolutely believe they are setting up Maggie to become the eventual leader of the Hilltop. We have seen her be Deanna’s choice for a right hand woman since even before the beginning of this season. It’s all been very subtle but the writers are just dropping little hints that basically say Maggie is going to be a leader and she’ll be a different leader than Rick. But a strong leader nonetheless.

On paper; we’re not supposed to like Gregory because he’s sexist and an asshole. But really….you’re not supposed to like Gregory because he’s just plain delusional. It didn’t take a whole lot for Maggie to negotiate a plausible deal with him (not a great deal in my opinion however).

There’s a lot we don’t know about the Hilltop and I honestly don’t believe we’ll get into the nitty gritty of it all until Season Seven. Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised. We know they have food and seeing as the people of Alexandria didn’t lose a ton of people in “No Way Out”; there are a ton of mouths to feed. But it becomes pretty clear when Rick’s group shows up to talk and the walls are manned with spears….they have problems of their own.

I personally loved watching Maggie go toe to toe with Gregory. It’s evidently clear that they have very little means to protect themselves but he still is as cocky as ever. He tells her about everything he has built….which is all eventually revealed to be somewhat of a veiled lie. The reason that they are safe is because of the Saviors. His delusions really know no bounds. He even puts cleanliness pretty high on the priority list…..something that seems to be so trivial.

But at the end of it all….Maggie staked her claim as the group’s top negotiator which may put her in some precarious situations in the future. You really can see Herschel shining through with his little girl here. Herschel was always the man who could talk to anyone and have this amazing ability to put everything selfish on his part to the side and I see that same quality reigning strong with Maggie in this episode. Like I said; she is really getting set up to become the eventual leader of the Hilltop. You know, once Gregory’s delusions and stupidity inevitably get him killed. So honestly if I had to guess? Maggie’s pretty likely to make it out of this season alive. Anything can happen but I’m hopeful.


Speaking of Hope

A heavy theme that we’ve been getting in the past few episodes is a clear cut vision of hope. Hope that all of these people could lead better lives. This episode has basically one plot point which is making a deal with another community in order to stay alive. There is hope of other communities and there is hope that they aren’t all that bad. Rick and Michonne are happy together holding hands and not to mention Glenn and Maggie finally seeing their baby for the first time via sonogram. We are seeing these people building a life and it gives us all a huge sigh of relief. Can we finally have some happiness? The answer is no.


Let’s Talk About Abraham

I must admit; I’m not entirely sure I like what they are doing with Abraham in the show. I’m getting a seriously Tyreese vibe. I feel like they are taking some insanely epic moments that made those two characters fan favorites in the comics and just handing them over to Daryl. Of course, I love Daryl but I wish they just continued to make Abraham the no-nonsense asshole he’s really meant to be. Now he’s having some sort of mid-life crisis wondering if he can settle down? This is not the Abraham that I loved from the comics.

That being said; let’s talk about his crisis. Of which I got very confused. Even two episodes later and I’m still kind of confused. Okay so the basis is this; if he wants to actual settle down with someone he cares about he goes with Sasha and if he’s just going through the motions and enjoying thrill after thrill in this horrible world he goes with Rosita. I got that much. I’m on board. In this episode, Abraham seemed to have a serious struggle with what he could actually obtain. But in my opinion….I felt like he came down on the side of no hope. They were going to the Hilltop to make a deal peacefully and they’re not even there for a few hours and blood is already spilled. Not to mention Abraham is almost choked to death. I figured that would make him say “Hey maybe I shouldn’t settle down with a family”. But then we have the image of the necklace being left on the ground and his actions in the next episode…..I’m just beyond confused as to what is actually going on in that big old red head of his.


Random Thoughts:

  • First things first…..just because Abraham is really into Sasha, doesn’t mean Sasha is really into Abraham. I love how he opens up to her but honestly bro, she is giving you no signs that she’s interested.
  • I loved the image of Maggie really wanted to grow food at the beginning of the episode paired with her ability to make their community grow by negotiating a deal at the end…..Herschel would be so proud.
  • Denise and Daryl really seem to be very sweet together. I hoping for some quality bonding time in the future.
  • Rick has really come a long way asking Carl to come to the Hilltop with him. He is finally confident that his son can handle anything that’s thrown at him….even if it’s a bullet to the face.
  • Daryl is staying true to character and keeps getting insanely awkward when Abraham asks him about Rick and Michonne. Daryl’s sexuality has always been a huge topic of discussion with the fan community. He may just be uncomfortable with the whole idea of sex or he may in fact be gay like many fans think. I can already hear the heavy shippers calling for a Daryl and Jesus romance ASAP.
  • Rick is really the master of first impressions isn’t he? Always covered in blood.
  • On the scale of “Will it be Daryl?” or “Will it be Glenn?” in this episode…..everything stayed pretty even. Glenn got some hope seeing his baby for the first time and that doesn’t always bode well for anyone in this show. And Daryl’s quick response of “Why not just kill Negan?” shows seriously how he underestimates the power of this guy. Again, both are equally on the chopping block.

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