Score One for Team Rick (Walking Dead 6×12)

Or so we think.

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There is really just so much to talk about in this episode so I’m not going to waste any time on an intro and just jump right in.


Carol’s List

This episode was heavily focused on Carol’s mental state and what killing all of these people have done to her. The talk with Morgan at the beginning is actually very interesting the second time around. I actually believe now that Morgan may be the one who “saves” Carol by the end of the season. Most fans are not too thrilled with Morgan….especially after the whole Wolf fiasco but now that we’re seeing time and time again how much of a toll all of this killing is having on Carol; I’m more convinced than ever that Morgan will show her the way to some sort of peace by the end of the season.

Carol can’t let go of the ones she wasn’t able to save but the drive to keep saving the others who are still alive is what keeps her going. We just like to think of Carol as a badass and we don’t necessarily think of her as a human being who is probably so damaged that she can’t climb out of this hole she dug herself into. Carol is possibly suffering more than anyone else on this show.

She repeatedly keeps seeing innocents die. Obviously it starts off with Sophia then Mika then Lizzie then Beth then Tyreese then Sam. Over and over again Carol has tried to do everything in her power to save these people who are in fact innocents. They haven’t done the terrible things that she has done. They are the ones that should live in her mind. They are the future. But they keep getting ripped away. This intensely explains her protective nature for Maggie. Maggie is not helpless by any means but she is an innocent. Maggie could be considered one of the purest people left on this show and let’s not even mention that she’s carrying a child.

Obviously this whole internal conflict comes more to the forefront in the next episode but just looking at the fact that Carol keeps a list of the people that she’s killed seems to be her reminding herself that she has to do these things in order to keep more innocent people from dying. But she won’t let herself forget those lives that she’s ended forever. Carol is probably the most dynamic character on this show and I find it insane how the show can keep her evolving with every single season. I don’t know if she’ll make it out of this season alive but man the writers would have to be some kind of stupid to get rid of such a rich and amazingly beautiful actress.


Team Abraham

I know, I know. Don’t lynch me. But I truly think I am the only one who watched that scene and felt great for Abraham. Yes, I also did feel quite awful for Rosita. She gave everything to this man and got nothing in return. But I like that Abraham finally made a decision and came to the realization that Rosita may not be the woman he loves. It all reminds me of something Beth says in Season Two where she talks about Jimmy. It was something to the effect of we were dating for a few weeks and then the world ended so I’m tied to him for life. Breakups don’t normally happen in the apocalypse. No one really has time to figure out their feelings. Abraham figured it out. And it sucks for Rosita but I honestly prefer scenes with her that don’t involve Abraham. So guys let’s all look at this as a good thing. Rosita may become super awesome and Abraham might find actual happiness. Although I do still think he should’ve seen if Sasha was even slightly interested before making such a harsh break.


Tara’s a Dead Woman

I am so sorry for anyone that this may upset but I am positive Tara is a goner. On so many levels. We’re due to have a death before the finale. It will be one that will make us very sad but won’t entirely rip our hearts out. Now many people could make a serious argument for Rosita. She could be rendered useless after her breakup with Abraham but they haven’t built her up as much as they have with Tara in these episodes.

One reason why I think Tara is a goner is that she has such a sweet romance with Denise. And Denise seems to be someone the writers are very interested in developing for some big character development. They gave her that whole great storyline with the Wolf and she is in fact the only Medical professional in town. Tara dying would greatly develop Denise even more and the whole scene where Tara says she’ll be back after the run is just like sticking a nail in her own coffin.

If that weren’t enough we got her confession with Father Gabriel shining a light on her internal struggle of what she needs to do for the people that she loves. I’m not entirely sure if we’re going to get a full episode dedicated to Tara and Heath’s run but I’m almost positive she is not going to make it out alive. Maybe Negan will catch up with them and just send her head in a box to Rick’s front doorstep. What a terrifying thought.


Glenn’s First Kill

The biggest moment of this episode for me by far was Glenn finally killing a human for the first time. A few humans for that matter. Glenn has made it a very long time without having to kill someone. And even when he had every right to kill Nicholas, he still spared his life. Glenn certainly manned up in this episode and did what needed to be done. That doesn’t mean the scene wasn’t just as heartbreaking. The whole attack scene doesn’t sit too well with a lot of us….though it needed to be done but watching Glenn do that for the first time was horrible. We all thought Glenn’s first kill would be noble in a sense. He kills someone for attacking Maggie or coming after Rick. That wasn’t the case. He hovered over a man while he was sleeping and stabbed him in the head. It was so unsettling to watch on so many levels.


The Plan

Let’s talk about the plan. There are so many things wrong with this plan and so many things right with this plan. When it comes down to it; it’s a lose-lose situation. Rick’s group just doesn’t really know it yet. Honestly; this was the right plan of attack in a lot of ways. Negan’s group would have come to Alexandria eventually and they would’ve had a stronger force than Rick’s group would be able to handle. That’s true. It is absolutely a good plan to strike first. I know what these people are capable of. However; I just wish maybe a little more recon went into this plan. Yeah, they killed all of these people but honestly….did that even put a dent into Negan’s army? It may have just awoken the beast. I feel like you should try to know these things before going in full assault.

But for now it’s a big win for Rick’s group isn’t it? Well, that’s all until they realize that Carol and Maggie were captured.


Random Thoughts:

  • I’m not mad at Carol and Tobin’s relationship. It’s nice to see Carol happy. I did however feel like it kind of came out of left field.
  • Watching Morgan’s crisis at the end was one of the first times I really felt horrible for Morgan this season. Just think about his principles and then think about what his friends are doing. It must be utterly horrifying to him.
  • Aaron’s sub storyline was completely overshadowed in this very crazy episode. We can clearly see how his mindset has done a complete 180 after the Wolves attack.
  • Eugene still gets the award for best comic relief. Come on Eugene! Give Rosita a big ole hug!!
  • Father Gabriel also got his first human kill this season while reciting scripture….makes us almost forget about how much we truly hated him up until the past few episodes. Almost.
  • The conveniently placed plates and canteens are quite hilarious to see trying to cover up Alanna’s pregnancy.
  • The last fifteen minutes of the episode had my heart racing. I am so glad there were no casualties in Rick’s group but honestly that just means we’re in for a lot more hurt later on this season.
  • Well we got one big point for “Glenn is going die by Lucille” as he stares at all of the pictures of the bashed heads. At this point I absolutely know the writers are fucking with us.
  • Glenn’s face when Maggie is taken = My heart screaming inside.

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