The Newsroom: The Start to an Intense Final Season

Last night, the dramatic, funny, smart but controversial show came back for its third and final season. Though you will see a lot of critics bashing on the show that loves to make fun of many other news outlets, you can’t dent Aaron Sorkin’s writing is impeccable with the perfect blend of hilarity, drama and brilliant writing. Here are some amazing and defining points taken from the first episode of the last season in this smart and complex drama.

Maggie Finally Shines


 In the first two seasons, Maggie has been on a rough road….though she did bring some of it on herself.  After dealing with a long line of boy troubles and heartbreak in the first season and then coping with the aftermath of her Africa trip, audiences were starting to wonder if she would ever get back on her feet. In this episode, she not only does her job in Boston after the marathon bombing, she was key and eventually had her shining moment actually on camera after Elliot hilariously but accidentally eats a walnut of which he is allergic.

Chris Messina Might Get More Screen Time


 Looks like someone’s been watching the Mindy Project (I’m looking at you Aaron Sorkin). Given the material we’ve seen in the episode, I would think someone saw what an amazing job Messina has the ability to do and what an amazing actor he really is. Reese Lansing was fairly prominent in this episode and they just set him and Leona to be part of a pretty huge plotline.

Will & Charlie’s Speech


 Well, I could have easily have said any scene with Charlie because he is undoubtedly the veteran scene stealer of this entire show. After Genoa, Will has lost his mojo unable to inspire his staff and completely unable to give a good speech to motivate them during the breaking news of the Boston bombing but in a completely wonderful written and hilarious scene, Charlie gives a speech reminding the staff of what they should be focused on during this stressful time…….with Will as his hype man. Comedy gold.

Neal is in Trouble


 Neal Sampat is easily one of the most likable and interesting characters in the whole show so when he ends up being in a lot of trouble by the end of the episode, the viewer’s hearts were breaking. In an effort to track down a source, Neal gains thousands of classified stolen documents that the source stole. The problem is…..he basically asked him to get the documents making him an accessory to the crime. Looks like the next few episodes are going to be Neal in a court room with our favorite lawyer, Rebecca Halliday.

Those Last Ten Minutes Were So Intense


 Not only did Neal find out that he was an accessory to stealing classified government documents, but we also had to other plot lines come crushing down. ACN is now way down in the polls coming in fourth place even after their excellent coverage of the Boston Bombing so it doesn’t look like viewers are forgiving them for the whole Genoa debacle and Sloan finally figured out that ACN’s parent company is about to become a victim of a hostile takeover. Good lord, they are setting up for a very intense and ambitious last few episodes. It looks like everyone will be on edge and in need of some serious backbone with the many problems facing ACN, Will McAvoy and his hardworking staff.

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