Top 20 Tuesday: 20 Characters on Sons of Anarchy that MUST Survive the Final Two Episodes

Here’s a list of characters that would cause a huge reaction in fans if they died. Though some of these characters probably really deserve to die, fans might still be pretty upset if they bit the bullet before this series’ end. Given the track record of this show, I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up saying goodbye to many people on this list by the time the credits roll on December 9th.

20) Tyler


There’s nothing entirely wrong with Tyler and he really redeemed himself with Moses. I just wouldn’t be particularly heartbroken if he died but he’s still a loyal friend to the club so it would be slightly sad to see him go.

19) Jarry


I can’t decide whether or not I like Jarry. I love that Chibs is finally getting some, I’m just not so sure it should be with flip-flopy strange cop lady. But she makes this list because it would certainly upset Chibs and we don’t want that.

18) Brooke


Brooke is very crazy but she’s Ratboy’s special girl and has been pretty loyal to the club ever since last season. It would be brutal for her to die in any way and completely unnecessary.

17) Gemma


Okay, that’s far enough Gemma. I’ve loved Gemma and her character arc but you have to admit she is the reason that everything went to hell. I would be sad to see her die and we all know Katey Sagal would deliver in making us all cry our eyes out if Gemma dies but she sort of deserves it.

16) Alvarez


The club’s number one enemy at the start of the show is one of their greatest allies now. Even when he was SAMCRO’s biggest problem, Alvarez was always a likable character so let’s hope there are no more Chinese gangsters coming to kill everyone involved in the brothel again.

15) T.O.


On the same page, the leader of Grim Bastards would be a tough ally to loose. I’m not even sure after the whole thing went down with Moses if we’ll even see T.O. but I can say he’s probably pretty safe.

14) Wendy


Who knew she’d be so high on this list? At the start of this season, I wasn’t so thrilled of Wendy coming back but now that she is literally the only sane person left, it would be pretty devastating if she died. Plus, if she goes…who’s going to take care of the boys? *

13) Juice


Oh, Juice. If this was a list of people who I definitely thought were going to die, Juice would be number one. Jax basically told him he’s not long for this world. But in Juice’s defense, Jax really did push him to the limit and Gemma was the only one who stood beside him…..who was he supposed to be loyal to?

12) Abel


Do I feel bad about putting the two kids so low on this list? A little but it’s just there are so many more developed adult characters that would have more devastating deaths. No one wants to see either of Jax’s sons die but I think they are both safe.

11) Thomas


Same as above……except Thomas isn’t a creepy little sociopath. No offense, Abel…..what were you supposed to become with Jax as a father and Gemma as a grandmother?

10) Venus


Venus is just a lovely lady who has been loyal to the club since she’s met them and given one of the most amazing scenes between her and Tig a couple of episodes ago… would lose their mind if this beauty didn’t survive.

9) Ratboy


He may be one of the newest members of SAMCRO but he has really proven himself….especially with that intense game of Russian Roulette. Sutter said two Sons will not survive the season. One death was Bobby (RIP) and I don’t think Juice qualifies as a Son anymore so anyone with a cut could be on the chopping block.

8) Chucky


Sure when we met Chucky, he was a really creepy and strange man but he is some of the best comic relief the show has. He adores Gemma and will do anything for the club. It would crush fans to see him not make it out of the show alive.

7) Jax


To be fair, Jax has done some really awful things. Namely an incident with Wendy and a needle full of heroine. Though we wouldn’t want to see the lead character of Sons of Anarchy die, I think it’s highly likely to happen. He might face a vote to meet Mr. Mayhem with everything he’s done this season…..and maybe Chibs pulls the trigger…..oh god, that’s an awful thought.

6) Unser


Shouldn’t Unser have died from cancer in season one? Well, he’s still trucking along and finally got to tell Jax what he really thinks of the club. And good for him, he’s done everything for them with barely anything in return. It would be just be cruel to kill him off before the series end.

5) Nero


Nero went through enough pain in the last episode and he needs to be there for his son. (And Jax’s) I’m pretty sure we’re going to see Nero and Wendy take off to the farm with the boys before the end of this season.

4) Lyla


We barely see her anymore but that doesn’t mean it would be any less devastating if she died. Opie’s old lady has become a priority for the club and a best friend to all of the guys in the club. Plus, she’s gotten kidnapped with a gun literally in her mouth and sexually tortured by a bunch of creepy porn guys…….give the girl a break.

3) Happy


You can’t kill Happy… literally I don’t think it’s possible. He’s crazy and he needs some more tattoos. I personally don’t think Happy will be the Son who dies because the writers would have to come up with a scenario that would logically explain how he died. It wouldn’t make sense. Long live our beloved and crazy psychopath.

2) Tig


Sexual deviant. Crazy killing machine. Dog lover. Man with a heart of gold. That about sums up Tig. Tig has had some high highs and some really low lows but all in all, he is a huge fan favorite and fans would go nuts if they decided to kill him off. Bobby was bad enough but Tig? Leave the originals alone!

1) Chibs


If Tig would be bad, Chibs would be worse. SAMCRO’s VP has been the complete constant in this show. He makes the hard decisions,  gives the best advice and is loyal to the core. Chibs would do everything he could for his brothers……even die. Maybe even take a bullet for Jax. If these next two episodes air and Chibs is still breathing, I will be one happy gal.

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