Top 20 Tuesday: Best Characters of Sons of Anarchy

Man, so many of these characters are dead. But would you expect anything else from a show like this? The death count is high and the development of amazing characters is even higher. Some of these characters are wonderful people, some of them could be mistaken as spawns of Satan. That’s entirely up to you to decide. Needless to say, there are many spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk.

20) Agent Stahl


Well, you all hated her didn’t you? By no means is Agent Stahl anyone’s “favorite” character but you have to admit, she was absolutely horrifying and the biggest bitch that ever set foot in Charming (and that’s including Gemma). She was by far the best villain and that fuzzy feeling you get when you see her meet her end is one of the best moments of the whole show.

19) Ratboy


I’m sure if we got a few more seasons to really develop Ratboy’s character, he would have been higher on this list. I really like Ratboy. He’s loyal and is having quite a cute little romance with Brooke going on even though she’s certifiably crazy. It’s nice to have a loyal and hardworking man around when you’re exhausted watching the rest of the crazies in SAMCRO mess everything up.

18) Lyla


Porn Star? Yes. Amazing Woman? Definitely. A lot of fans were skeptical when Opie started a relationship and eventually married a woman who made her living having sex on camera. That did lead to some tension in their relationship but don’t let that distract you from how awesome she is. She would be higher on this list if they gave her more screen time or storylines in the show. After Opie died, she took in his kids and raised them as her own doing whatever she had to do to make sure they grew up okay. The club absolutely adores her and after a run in with some torture porn psychos, the guys found a way to get her out of that lifestyle (sort of) putting her behind the camera running her own porn studio.

17) Piney


Opie’s father had a heart of gold and never took anyone’s shit. He was really the first one to notice that Clay was up to no good which eventually cost him his life. Piney cared deeply for (mostly) everyone in the club and even more for the wives and families of each member. His death was mostly all about protecting Tara from Clay and though he may not have been successful in that moment, his death led to the outing of who Clay really is and they are all better for it.

16) Chucky


If you said that Chucky was going to be one of the best characters the show had when we met him, all of the fans would have thought you were crazy. He was an accountant who had a serious masturbating problem……like he would do it all the time. This led the Chinese to cutting off almost all of his fingers so that habit didn’t continue. SAMCRO got their hands on him gain as their accountant and he’s lasted the entire show being loyal to the club and even more loyal to Gemma. The moment where he tells her she is his best friend is one of the most heartwarming moments of the series and trust me, there’s not a lot of those moments.

15) Deputy Hale


Let’s journey back to the beginning shall we? Deputy Hale was the only guy in town that was really trying to do good. He wasn’t like Unser who was completely in a partnership with SAMCRO the entire time. He did everything by the book which seemed to get under SAMCRO’s skin more times than not. Unfortunately he died before we could see what was really going to happen with his life in Charming….which is a shame seeing as he was the only tolerable law enforcement (besides Unser) officer that has ever stepped into that town.

14) Unser


Speaking of Unser, it literally took Kurt Sutter seven seasons to kill him even though he’s been “dying” since day one. Unser had great loyalty to the club. SAMCRO dealt with the bad guys of the town just as much as Unser did and for a good part of the show, they worked as a great team. Things got sour after people in the club kept taking advantage of Unser and never actually reciprocating for all of the things he has done for them. But it stills remains that Unser was the only person in law enforcement that knew how to manage SAMCRO and use them to his benefit.

13) Nero


Nero is an amazing guy that would do anything for the people he loves. Too bad he wasted all of that on Gemma. I’m kidding….sort of. After Clay beat her to a bloody pulp, everyone wanted Gemma to be happy and she finally found that in Nero. The worst of it all is how betrayed Nero felt once he found out the truth. Nero is a badass who you don’t want to mess with as well as a man that is filled with heart and emotions. He is the best father figure Jax has ever had in his life (even if Jax would never admit it).

12) Jax


Why is Jax so low on this list? Because he kind of sucks as a person. He’s a wonderful character but goodness he’s done some truly awful things. That scene towards the end of the fifth season with Wendy as an example. Jax is a complex character and if it wasn’t for him, there wouldn’t be much of a show and sometimes he makes brilliant decisions and you root for him to be the badass mastermind that he is. This all makes it so much worse when he does those awful things. He cheats on Tara quite often, has killed numerous people who didn’t deserve to die and treats people like they are toys he plays with. Do other characters on the show do the same thing? Yes. Do they act like they are a saint and everything they do is justified just because? That’s the difference. Unless there is a huge turn of events, Jax will meet his end tonight and honestly it’s really for the best.

11) Juice


Juice has always been a very interesting character to watch. Frustrating but interesting. You may love him or you may hate him but his storyline throughout the series has at least kept us on our toes. All he’s wanted is to be a loyal member of the club. However circumstances and some poor decision making has messed all of that up for him. He died for the club and after he learned of what happened to Bobby, I think he knew it was time. It’s sad to see him go. Everyone wanted him to really grow some balls and step up and maybe in a way he did but that doesn’t mean his story was a complete rollercoaster on the show that we were happy to watch.

10) Gemma


I always go back and forth on the Gemma vs. Tara thing. They’ve both done awful things but at the same time are some of the strongest women in television today. Gemma can’t be broken and she has endured a whole lot throughout this series but her killing Tara was literally the end of the line for me. It was devastating to watch and even though we all knew a showdown would probably happen at some point, I think many fans were kind of upset that Gemma ended up on top. Gemma has hid behind lies in the past and is willing to do anything to cover up her own messes which has led to season seven being the season that I decided I liked Tara better. Not by much, but I do. Gemma was insanely strong and to me, the really main character of this whole show. It doesn’t make what she did any less devastating.

9) Tara


Moving on the other side of this argument…..there were many times where I couldn’t stand Tara but at the end of her run on the show, I really liked her. In the sixth season, she finally had enough of Jax’s shit (even though she loved him) and finally grew some balls to get her children out of the mess that is SAMCRO and it would’ve worked if Gemma didn’t barbeque fork her in the head. Jax was even on board with leaving with Tara! The happy ending we were all waiting for was cut short and Tara being a strong and independent woman dwindled before our very eyes.

8) Bobby


Bobby was the heart and soul of SAMCRO which is probably why Kurt Sutter decided he should be the one who gets killed off because of what Gemma did. He’s always been the moral compass to everyone in the club, especially Jax and has done everything he could for the people he cares most about. Don’t get me wrong, Bobby was a badass but he definitely was the most deserving person Sutter could have picked to kill if he wanted the audience to all curl up in a fetal position and ball our eyes out. Thanks for that by the way.

7) Happy


Sometimes less is more. Happy normally doesn’t say much. He doesn’t really have to. Happy is a member of SAMCRO so crazy and so psychotic that he every time he kills a man he gets a tattoo of a Happy face on his body. Needless to say, there’s a lot of Happy faces on his body. In the first few seasons, Happy was a nomad and you knew something crazy was going to go down if Clay asked him to do them a favor. He eventually became an official member of SAMCRO and grew into this strangely lovable and loyal character that still has that psycho twinkle in his eye.

6) Clay


Yes, not only is Clay higher than Jax on this list, he’s much higher. Clay was an awesome character to watch and I personally think the seventh season is really missing something without him there. He was a villain. He did things his own way and would kill anyone who tried to take the power from him. Jax eventually got the better of Clay and framed him for Pope’s murder sending Clay to prison. Eventually there was a Mayhem vote and Clay finally died at the hands of his once-fellow Sons. But man was he so wonderful to watch? You never knew what he was going to do next and you never could tell who he really truly did care about (though I think Tig definitely makes that list). The best part? He never pretended like he was a good guy. He did awful things and owned it…..unlike another SAMCRO President we all know.

5) Venus


Walton Goggins portrayal of Venus better win him an Emmy this season. Venus is just the most wonderful character to be brought into such an already amazing cast. She is a lady above all else and cares deeply for those she loves. The episode where the club helps her get her son away from her crazy and sick mother goes down in history as one of the best and her relationship with Tig has been the one of the most beautiful relationships the show has ever explored. She is a classy broad that knows who she is and what she wants and we all love her for it.

4) Tig


These top four characters could all be tied for number one. Tig has gone through one of the biggest transformations of the show. He was once the somewhat deranged sexually obsessed member of SAMCRO who would f*ck up all the time. I mean, he was always killing the wrong girl. I don’t know if it was Dawn being burned alive in front of him or just a natural progression but Tig has become somewhat of a moral center of the group and he seems to have found happiness with his sweet dog and his relationship with Venus. It’s nice to see at least one of the SAMCRO members end up in a good place. Let’s hope anyway.

3) Otto


Leave it to Kurt Sutter to give himself one of the best characters to play. Otto was the biggest badass out of all of the characters of Sons of Anarchy and if you disagree, you obviously didn’t watch any of his scenes. He smashes people’s faces in, bites off his own tongue and stabs people with crucifixes. Otto was literally just a man who loved his wife and when she died, all bets were off. Well Jax that’s what you get for not prioritizing Luann’s death. Otto went out fighting and took Lee Toric out with him….yet another character that left a huge gap in the seventh and final season of the show.

2) Chibs


Chibs is my absolute favorite. The only problem is the show never utilized him as much as they could have.He got a long storyline when the show went to Ireland in search of Abel but other than that, it’s been a few quiet seasons for our beloved Scotsman. Chibs better get a long of screen time in the finale which would make sense seeing as if Jax meets his end, Chibs is going to lose it and don’t you dare try to kill him off Sutter. I will riot. He is a very loyal member of the club but you really don’t get many second chances with him. He would make the best SAMCRO President. If someone else becomes President if Jax dies, I will lose my mind. In Chibs we trust.

1) Opie


Come on, who else would number one? Opie was Jax’s best friend who was loyal and caring but would also kill you if you looked at him funny. His death completely shook up the entire show. He sacrifices himself for Jax, Chibs and Tig when they had to choose one of them to die in prison and the other three watch on in horror as he was beaten to death. Opie had an amazing fan base, being the only one who really stood up to Clay for what he did to his wife and his father. Everyone loved this big killer with a heart of gold and the show was never the same once he left.

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