What Kind Of Day Has It Been (The Newsroom Series Finale)

All in all, I just feel gipped of an entire season of The Newsroom. Not that there weren’t good episodes in the six episode final season but just as I said, there were only six episodes. It seems like the show was more concerned with wrapping up everything nicely than really getting back to the show fans know and love.

The final episode was bittersweet. It was sad having to watch all of the characters for a final time and especially sad that it surrounded them all saying goodbye to Charlie. At the same time, it seemed like everyone pretty much left the series on a good note so the final moment we see is everyone working together doing what they love most.

However, the show did do a whole lot of flashbacking. On one hand, I was glad. We got to see Sam Waterston for final time in the show but it really did take up most of the episode. Why do shows feel like the final episode is the perfect time to go back? I understand they’re unfolding a story and showing how far everyone has come but honestly, it was almost the entire episode. I’m much more concerned with where everyone is going and how Charlie’s death is affecting them. We got to see how Charlie pretty much orchestrated the whole “News Night 2.0” and how everyone met but other than that, I don’t think it was all that necessary.

But all in all, everyone really ended on a good note. Mac and Will are having a baby and Will is learning the importance of being a father. Don and Sloan still reign as the most hilarious and wonderful couple in the show. Neal FINALLY came back to put those stupid website workers in their place. Most of all, Leona Lansing owned Lucas Pruitt solidifying her place as the shows best character ever.

There were some really great sentimental moments. Everyone finding out about Will and Mac (especially Will and Mac) having a baby was on the top of the list. Charlie’s wife giving his tie to Don and Don later giving it to Sloan was a sweet moment to remember Charlie and all he’s done. And most of all, Charlie being the most amazing friend and confidante in all of the flashback scenes. Sure, I wasn’t a fan of the flashbacks but at least I can see the emotional response the writers were trying to enlist. Oh…..and some stuff happened with Maggie and Jim but I’m going to leave that analysis to a blogger that actually cares.

The Newsroom was such a great show. The Newsroom was such an underrated show and I don’t believe it got the ending or run it deserved. It was controversial at times but at least it stood for something and wasn’t wishy-washy about what the message really was. The characters were brilliant and so was the writing. And let’s be honest, Jeff Daniels beat out Heisenberg himself for the Emmy. That’s not an easy thing to do. I’ll definitely miss The Newsroom and am waiting with bated breath until the next amazing Aaron Sorkin show comes on the air. I’ll be watching.

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