Pepper’s Horrifying Story Revealed

In the mid-season finale of American Horror Story: Freak Show, we got our first glimpse at how all of the seasons are connected. Earlier this year, Ryan Murphy explained that all of the seasons would be somehow linked and the one we knew would probably come out was Season Two’s Asylum and Season Four’s Freak Show given that Lily Rabe was appearing to reprise her role as Sister Mary.

The link all revolved around Pepper and we found out what really happened to this fan favorite. Elsa in the Freak Show timeline found Pepper’s family and told them to take her in so that she can learn what it’s like to have a real family not so surrounded by blood and tears. In a flashforward to the Asylum timeline, Pepper’s sister is explaining what happened to get Pepper committed to the asylum at Briarcliff.

She tells Sister Mary that Pepper killed her son which was mentioned briefly in the second season of AHS. But the awful truth of it all was that Pepper’s sister and her husband no longer wanted Pepper around and decided to kill their own son horrifically ┬áin order to frame Pepper and get her to be sent away for good. A huge plot twist to round of the mid-season finale and American Horror Story found it’s way to pull on your heart strings yet again.

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