Return of the Gallaghers (Shameless 5×01)

Shameless started off its season just picking up where the always lovable but messed up Gallaghers left off. Most of the kids of the family seem to be growing; some for the better and some for the worst but I can almost predict it will be downhill from here. I mean, I’m already very suspicious of these people who have a sudden interest in buying the properties.

Fiona seems to be shacking up with her new boss or at least wanting to shack up with him. She’s done with the “bad boys” and maybe wants something a little stable…..which is all good in theory except for one thing; I don’t trust the boss. For some reason, he just still seems like a really shady guy. We also are seeing the always talented and always beautiful Dichen Lachman coming into the diner to “spy” on Fiona for Jimmy. So maybe Fiona won’t escape from the bad boys just yet.

We’re also getting some insight into our favorite newlyweds; Sheila and Frank. Shelia was perfect hilariously trying to bat away Frank’s obsessive and annoying “daughter” but it’s all coming down to Frank doing the one thing he shouldn’t be doing….drinking. He speaks of his new project the entire episode and until the end we don’t find out what it is….but I think we all had a clue. He’s making the strongest beer possible so he can get the most out of his “one beer a day” situation he’s in. Looks like some things just don’t change.

It’s also really great to see Kevin and V start having actual issues being first time parents but all in all, they’re always going to be Kev and V and love each other through everything. What’s wonderful is Shameless shedding a light on Kevin being a better mom than V and V possibly being a better provider. I’m not sure where they are going with this newly made family but I’m excited to find out.

One of the more interesting character studies of this new season premiere was that of Lip. Lip came home for the summer in college and is catching some flak for being and up town college goodie too shoes. Once upon a time, Lip would have been furious at people thinking he has changed but now it seems like he’s started to get used to the fact that he is changing his life for the better.

This is where we transition to the Gallagher that doesn’t seem to be changing his life for the better; poor poor Ian. He seems to be in denial about having any form of a bipolar disorder and refuses to get checked out. He also is tragically taking advantage at a really good life. It breaks my heart to watch Mickey do everything he can to support his very non-traditional family because he finally feels he has the support of his love Ian…..only to see that Ian is cheating on him consistently. Ian is going down a dark path and it’s up to Mickey and his siblings to get him out of it.


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