That Last Parks Episode Was So Damn Emotional

I was honestly wondering how this season was going to go. Parks and Recreation decided to do a time jump into the future to give us a look at what happened to all of our favorite characters. In theory, this is a good move to make. I mean, how many times have shows done some sort of time jump but only show ten minutes of it at the very end of their series finale? This way, we get to actually see how everything plays out. However, you have to be somewhat skeptical.

We came back to Leslie and Ron literally hating each other and being at war. The entire group is divided and though it’s been hilarious, we all can’t help but hope that this won’t last the whole season. Leslie and Ron’s unlikely friendship is one of the things that make the show so great. I was positive we would spend the entire season watching them duke it out and then in a heartwarming series finale, they would come to terms with their friendship and finally make up.

Well, I guess Christmas came early this year. In the first half of this two-parter episode, Team Leslie and Team Ron go head to head to try and outdo each other in order to get a claim on this land. It’s hilarious and we get to see everyone do what they do best. After everything has gone too far in the first half of the episode, Team Leslie and Team Ron decide to lock the two former-best friends in the Parks office together until they sort out their differences.

I was so excited to see Leslie and Ron spend some quality time together in the second part of this episode. What I wasn’t prepared for was the amount of tears I would be shedding. I mean, honestly, isn’t this kind of emotional turmoil in a comedy supposed to be saved for the series finale? We hear the story from both sides and witness one of television’s most iconic friendships crumble the way most friendships tend to crumble in real life. It’s awful. And let’s just say when Ron said he was going to ask Leslie for a job…….my heart physically hurt.

Well, now all is right in the world again. Ron and Leslie have made up and become the best of besties (by getting crazy wasted while singing and dancing I might add).This show has done a beautiful job at telling a story of a wonderful relationship that may not have ever happened if they weren’t forced to work together. And unlike many other shows, this beautiful relationship wasn’t romantic. It didn’t have to be but it was significant. So significant that the entire show revolves around it. This episode put a spotlight on two amazing characters that are so different on paper but so similar in their convictions that they literally couldn’t help but fall in love with one another.


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