That No-So-Happy Ending of the Justified Premiere

That last scene in the Justified Premiere. Well, what can you say? I had a feeling that Justified’s last season was going to start off with a bang and it sure did. I’m just not entirely sure I wanted it to be this bang. For some reason, I thought someone was going to bite the dust by the end of the first hour of this final season and when they started spending quality time with one of my personal favorites, I knew it couldn’t be good news.

Throughout the episode, we followed Dewey Crowe on what was his last days being alive. We see Dewey evade the law once again. Not really by his intelligence just by circumstance. Of course Raylan has to mess with the poor fellow and tell him he’s going to be extradited to Mexico unless he talks. Dewey goes to see Boyd saying that he wants “back in” and Boyd has him thrown out of Johnny Crowder’s bar.

Ah, Boyd and Dewey; a complete representation of what friendships are really made of. Last season, Dewey was all over the place. Between struggling with where his loyalties lie and trying to keep himself out of trouble, he dug himself into a hole, much like he always does. So in the final scene where he and Boyd sit down for a drink, audience members are thrilled to see his sweet and loyal albeit not so bright side come out. He asks Boyd for a second chance and to just be accepted by his best friend again. And in that sweet moment between the two friends sharing a drink, I knew what was going to happen. I couldn’t look away but I was dreading it. As Boyd tells Dewey to look at the photo of the men who built Harlan County in its early days, Dewey leans in and is shot in the head by his old buddy.

Okay, Dewey Crowe was not a criminal mastermind. He was also not the most likable guy in Harlan County. But, to me he was one of the best aspects of Justified. His comic relief never got old and he kept finding ways to get himself into even more trouble. But just as he would screw himself over time and time again, the fates would not allow him to be down for long…..until this episode. I figured at some point Dewey would die in the run of Justified. If you try to think back to the first season, you might even be surprised that he lasted this long. But nevertheless, I will say that I’m looking forward to the final season of Justified a little less because we won’t get to see Dewey’s antics and half-witted plans. But whenever we see a local of Harlan County sporting a gator necklace, we’ll all definitely think of Mr. Dewey Crowe.

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