“Shameless” Lesson of the Week: Friends Don’t Rape Friends

If you are faint of heart, you probably shouldn’t be watching Shamless. You also shouldn’t be reading any posts regarding Shameless so if this applies to you, just click off. This week, Shameless did it again; they managed to turn a very serious issue into a light-hearted and somewhat comical storyline. But before we get into Debbie’s big decision, let’s take a dive into the other events of this week’s episode.


Is Fiona Finally Going to Date a Decent Guy?


I’m actually very excited to see Fiona seem to fall for a guy that doesn’t seem to be a con artist or a drug abuser. Aw, our girl is growing up. Though initially going to a bar to see a certain scumbag play, she diverted her attention to his friend and what a great decision that was. So far, this guy seems like a decent guy with his life together. Although this is Shameless, so I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. But maybe it won’t. It’s not like there won’t be any more drama. Fiona is already tangled up with her somewhat creepy boss and oh yeah, Steve is sending someone to stalk her. I predict Fiona will try to make the best with this new guy until Steve shows his face and everything just shoots straight down to hell.


Frank Blows Up…..Literally.


I was wondering when Frank go nuts on Sheila and Sammi. I mena, Frank is the most intolerable person on the face of this earth and I kept finding him to be the least annoying characters in these scenes. It was to the point that I would zone out. The constant fighting and bickering of Frank’s two women was driving me insane. Apparently it was driving Frank insane as well. In a monumental scene at the end of this episode, Frank tells these two women exactly what he thinks of them and it isn’t pretty .William H Macy gave an amazingly real performance in the first episode that aired after his SAG win and the whole scene was brilliant. But the whole scene is wonderfully topped off with Sheila’s house literally exploding from all of the propane Frank turned on earlier…..killing Sammi’s previous skeevy date. After all of the cruelty spat at her from Frank, Sheila hops into her RV and takes off. I have no idea where she’s going but maybe we’ll see a Sheila road trip trying to find Karen and Jody. The house blowing up was bad news for Frank, Sheila and the new builders but it was the worst news for Fiona…..because where do you think Frank is going to live now that Sheila’s house is out of the option?


Carl Vs. The Lesbians


In one of the more comical storylines from this episode, Frank told Carl to take care of the lesbians who moved in down the block. After watching Carl for four seasons terrorizing the neighborhood just for fun, I was thrilled to see him back in action. Now, what he did was pretty tame for Carl. Moving a sign to get their car towed? Come on, you can do better than that. Well, apparently it didn’t work. One of lesbians came charging to the Gallagher’s door to tell Carl that they don’t “scare easily” and declared war. Yes. I can’t wait for these lesbians to come at the Gallaghers with all they got…..and then regret it when they realize who they’re dealing with.


A Breast Milk Sweat Shop


Sometimes the good ideas are just right in front of ya, aren’t they? After Mickey’s prostitution business gets busted for a sixth time, the bar is losing a whole lot of money…until V comes up with a genius idea that solves the bar’s problem along with her own. Why not just get a bunch of women to breast and sell the breast milk to parents at a competitive price? Goodness, this show has really thought of everything. For now, this seems to be a solution to her and Kevin’s issues. She doesn’t have to breast feed and she found a way to support her family. So it’s a win-win? I guess we’ll see.


Mandy, Please Don’t Go


I know it’s stupid of me to watch a show like Shameless hoping for a happy ending to a romantic storyline but come on! Can Lip and Mandy just get it together? Like now. Please. Here’s a recap; Lip is a genius. Mandy and him have had an on-again/off-again relationship for years now. He felt like he didn’t need to go to college even though it could change his life. Mandy loved him so much that she applied for him and spent forever trying to write the best essays that sounded like they would come from Lip. He got accepted, went off to college and left Mandy in the shit-hole that is the south side of Chicago. Lip went to classes, found a new pretty girlfriend and changed his life. Mandy stayed home with no future and got trapped in a relationship with Kenyatta who beats her on a regular basis.

Are we all caught up now? Well Lip is home for the summer and Mandy gets told by Kenyatta that they are leaving because he got a job elsewhere. Mickey and Ian are furious and try their best to get her to stay. They even contemplate shooting Kenyatta and chopping him into little bits. But we all know there’s only one person who can talk Mandy out of it and that’s Lip. In a beautiful scene, Lip confesses to Many what he thinks of her telling her that she is beautiful, smart and funny….something he’s never really ever said to her. It was such a real and intimate scene. Mandy finally tells Lip that she loves him and they make love.

Flash-forward to the next morning when Lip and Mandy were supposed to go get coffee, Ian tells Lip that Mandy has left. NOOOOOOO. Did Kenyatta find out what happened and beat the crap of Mandy? Probably. But maybe that night wasn’t enough to convince Mandy to leave Kenyatta. Sure, it was a sweet scene and Lip opened up more than he ever did before but he didn’t say ‘I love you’ back. And Mandy knew deep down that he was going to back to college and remain with his college girlfriend. Lip, this was the time that you were supposed to stand up for your girl and you blew it. Great. Now let’s just hope the next time we see Mandy isn’t in a body bag.


Debbie’s A Woman


Oh boy, Shameless, you really outdid yourself this week. Debbie has been on a long and tiring quest to lose her virginity. Now, she has been unsuccessful with most of the guys she’s tried to hit on and the one guy she really did fall for was just too old for her. Matty (or Jimmy if you’re a Walking Dead fan) was probably one of the nicest guys on the show who befriended Debbie but kept rebutting her advances for sexual intercourse. This was mostly because she was underage and Matty (like most people) don’t want to get sent to jail for statutory rape.

Debbie has been obsessed with becoming a woman and getting older for the majority of the past couple of seasons but this decision really took the cake. She decides to have a “grown-up” party with no supervision and gets Matty plastered. I don’t think it was her intention to get him that drunk but never say a Gallagher ever wastes an opportunity when it presents itself. When Matty is incoherent and mostly passed out, Debbie has sex with him in order to lose her virginity. Obviously Matty is exceedingly upset when he wakes up the next morning and finds out what happened coining the best quote of the episode “Friends don’t rape friends.”

This particular event in the episode is so loaded, I don’t even know where to start. First of all, if it was a guy taking advantage of a sleeping Debbie (or any other girl for that matter); this would be a completely different discussion. But it wasn’t. It was sweet, innocent and lovable Debbie so we get to think its funny? But if this information were to come out, Matty could go to jail. Or would he? I don’t know what the rules are on this. What I do love however, is that Shameless really is never afraid to go there. They take serious issues head on and portray them in a bittersweet and somewhat funny way so we can talk about it with crying our eyes out. I mean, Lip comforting Debbie after her talk with Matty saying that “a million guys would kill to be raped by you” is the most bizarre, twisted and hilarious thing an older brother can say in that situation. Shameless has never steered away from a controversial issue and at least it’s moving forward showing what awful decisions grownups can make when they are blinding by what it is that they think they want at the time.

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