Stop Everything. Ryan Hurst Is Now On Bates Motel.

Oh, and some other people but let’s talk about what’s important here. I can’t contain my happiness. Everyone’s favorite motorcycle bad boy with heart of gold from “Sons of Anarchy” will be now be a recurring character in the next season of Bates Motel. I have already been obsessed with the casting of ‘Bates Motel’ starting from Vera Farmiga going all the way to Nestor Carbonell but this is a new high.

Ryan Hurst will be a new player in town  and one can assume it has to do with the drug business job openings that popped up after Dylan and Romero did their fair share of……well, killing both leading drug families. Yes! I’m so excited. Dylan is currently heading the drug business in White Pine Bay after Romero basically promoted him. Will he and Opie (oh, I’m sorry that’s not his name) butt heads? Watch out, Dylan, I love you but if it’s you against him…..I’ll always be loyal to Opie (damnit, I did it again).

Why do I keep referring to Ryan Hurst’s character as Opie? I mean, the description is enough evidence. He will be playing a man named Chick Hogan. He apparently owns a motorcycle shop (gasp) and will be running an illegal firearms business. I mean, really…..Carlton and Kerry must be huge SOA fans. Let’s be honest, he’s not the first “Son” to travel into White Pine Bay. Kenny Johnson will be returning as Caleb; Norma’s brother and Dylan’s uncle/father/person. Sources from Bates Motel have said that Caleb and Chick might become allies in the town in Chick’s gun running business. Oh my lord. Stop. I can’t take this. I will be watching with bated breath. Chibs??? Tig??? Who’s coming next??

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